Ironman Santa Rosa + Some EXCITING NEWS!


Hi!!!! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! #operationdontdie begins in a few hours! On July 29, 2017, Ironman Santa Rosa will kick off at 6:10 am PST! I will have 17 hours to complete the race from the time I enter the water! You can track me HERE!

My bib number is #616. 

I’ll turn on the tracking notifications to post on Facebook as well! Hopefully, it works. I won’t be allowed to Snapchat during this race because we are not allowed to have our phones. Booo! They have good reasons for that though.

FYI, I’ve been fighting a sinus infection all week. I’m praying to finish and to not fall off my bike at any point. I’ve definitely been milking it a little bit, but I’ve also been feeling terrible for the last few days. Sometimes it’s okay to be a big baby! I’m SUPER excited for the swim though! I’ve been working so hard with my coach, Bryan Mineo, aka The Swim Mechanic! Check him out HERE! The bike and run should be interesting! Ha!

Sorry, I sound like I have a clothespin on my nose in the video y’all!

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I’ll have another write up of my triathlon experience at Ironman Santa Rosa like the one I did for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon! Don’t forget to hit SUBSCRIBE on my YouTube channel! I’m going to be making some fun content in the next couple of weeks! Stay Tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!  See you in about 24 hours! haha




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