How I Wore the Same Dress to 3 Different Weddings



In the days of social media, so many of us are scared to post more than one picture wearing the same outfit. Especially, a bright yellow dress with a HUGE bow.

BUT WHO THE HELL MADE THOSE RULES!? Probably someone with a s*@tload of cash to burn!? It is my opinion; some rules were made to be broken!

That’s why I said F#$K it! And I wore my most favorite dress to not one, not two, but THREE of my friends’ weddings! I have the Instagram posts from 3 separate years to prove it! And MO money in my pocket to boot!

Wedding #1

Flashback to May 2015, when I got the most AMAZING yellow dress for my friends’ wedding in Columbus, Ohio. I had searched for countless hours in stores only to find most of the dresses I liked were WAYYYY out of my budget, and not THAT nice. If I’m paying for something, I better love it! I took to Instagram where I found “The Dress.” (Do you shop on Instagram? I have an Instagram shopping process. Let me know in the comments if you would like to hear how I went about finding this dress. I can write another post specifically about that!)

The dress is a rich color, made from a luxurious material, has a stunning bow, and is one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever worn. Comfort is a HUGE requirement for me when purchasing any clothing. The dress also doesn’t wrinkle very easily and the slit offered a nice breeze when I got too hot from dancing.

I wanted to wear this dress every. Single. Day. To the post office, the grocery store, the gym, to bed…Omgosh, how hilarious would it be to see someone wearing this buying groceries?! “Oh hi, can I get a pound of oven roasted turkey and some chicken salad please?” Bahahaha (I might need to do this!)

Back to the wedding, it was a black-tie affair, and everyone there looked like movie stars! When it was over, I didn’t want to take my yellow armored suit off, but the ball was over and it was time. The dress went to the cleaners and then sadly stayed in her home in my guest closet only to be looked at when I was putting something away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Backside view

Wedding #2

THEN, a year later, I got the invite to another friends’ wedding in Santa Barbara, California in August 2016. Several friends that remembered my dress told me to wear the yellow dress again, but I was skeptical.

In high school, I wouldn’t wear the same outfit within the same week. If I had worn a pair of jeans, they had to be washed before wearing a second time. Listen, I was a freak about this stuff! Wearing the same dress twice was like WOAH! Plus, I would be passing up an opportunity to go shopping for a second dress to add to my arsenal. Have I mentioned I’m a shopaholic? Okay, just wondering…lol

A close friend asked me if anyone that had been at the first wedding would attend the second, and I said no. I told them I had, however, posted a photo to all my social media accounts. She said, “Who cares!” Her saying that was all I needed to hear to convince myself to wear it a second time.

The wedding invitation said black tie optional, so I showed the bride the dress and asked her if it would be okay to wear the dress to her wedding. After getting the okay from the bride, deciding to wear it a second time made my life soooo much easier! Plus, I had more money in my bank account to spend on the gift for the bride and groom. Not to mention, the pure joy of getting to wear my favorite dress again!

The gorgeous wedding came and went. At the end of the festivities, I was sad that I had worn the gown for what I thought would be her final outing.

With the gorgeous newlyweds!

Cut to:

Wedding #3

Catherine, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU! Catherine is the lovely bride of wedding # 3. Her and her hubby, Peter, got married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in April 2017. She requested that I wear the yellow dress again because she thought bright fun colors would pop for her photos in the gorgeous Mexican location.

At first, I was a little hesitant to wear the SAME thing AGAIN, but the BRIDE GETS WHAT THE BRIDE WANTS! It was such a relief to not have to budget another wardrobe option to the total cost of the destination wedding. I could use that extra money towards the flights and hotel instead of another dress.

The wedding venue was insanely colorful, and when we walked in the estate, I understood why the bride wanted everyone in colors other than black! I gravitate towards bright colors. They make me happy. The overall theme of Cat and Pete’s wedding was pure joy from the venue to the wardrobe choices to obviously, the bride and groom!

Some of the beautiful and colorful ladies at the wedding.

Note: This was also a wedding with completely different people from the previous two weddings. There was only the Instagram evidence to prove I’d worn the dress before.

See, very comfortable to sit in. Comfort is KEY! You can also kind of see my shoes.

All three weddings had completely different vibes although all three were either black tie or black tie optional. People say it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. I’m not sure if it would work as well for all occasions with a more casual dress, but luckily it seemed to with this gown.

But first, let me take a shameless selfie!


Beautiful pieces shouldn’t be locked away in a closet dungeon. They were made to be worn! If I get the opportunity to wear this dress for the 4th time, don’t think I won’t! Every time I have stepped into this frock, I automatically felt happier. If clothing makes you happy, you should wear it!

Also, I divided the total cost of the dress by 3. Lol So the dress was SUPER cheap! That’s how I justified the purchase anyway! 😉

Who cares what your Instagram feed looks like! Who cares if you already wore it once before. Or twice. Or three times! Haha Keep on keeping on! Soon, I’m going to be called the “Girl in the Yellow Dress” because I’m wearing it so much. I’m perfectly okay with that!

Side note and completely off topic: Does anyone want to give me dresses to wear?? I’m a size 4, and I’ll wear the S*@T out of them! Just sayin.

Changing your hair and makeup can completely change the outfit to make it seem different. I love wearing red lipstick and did for every event. I wish I would have been more creative with my hairstyles, but I liked my hair down with this dress. It’s easier for me to style. I also felt an up-do would be too much with the big bow. Having blonde hair then red hair was some type of change though. I also wore the same gold shoes.

I felt like a million bucks every time I wore this dress. I posted pictures. I freaking owned my fashion faux pas! So, should you!

What do you think? Would you wear the same thing 3xs? Were you secretly judging the f&%k out of me for wearing the same outfit more than once? It’s okay if you were because frankly, I don’t give a hoot! Don’t let social media make decisions about your life or bank account.

Thank you for reading! I was feeling sassy, sorry for all the bleeping! Haha

xoxo Britt

4 Replies to “How I Wore the Same Dress to 3 Different Weddings”

  1. Juliette says:

    In 2013 I wore the same dress to three weddings! All in the same year! With the same belt and shoes, too. No shame! I also went and bought the dress in another size so i could wear it again if my weight fluctuates. Your dress is beautiful and definitely deserves to be worn more than once!

  2. Britta says:

    Hey! Coming over from the boss babes group 🙂 That dress is GORGEOUS and as an inspiring minimalist I thoroughly approve of wearing your favourite pieces multiple times haha! You look wonderful it – I can understand that you love the dress! Lots of love 💜😊

    • Britt says:

      Hi, welcome, and THANK YOU! I feel like my favorite pieces become like friends, and I can’t part with them and want to hang out with them all the time! haha Minimalism for the win! xoxo

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