Red Hair Don’t Care!

Hi y’all! I decided to shake things up a bit! Have you ever felt like that? Like you just needed some type of change? Life is too short to live the same way day in and day out, or that’s how I feel anyway. Sometimes I wear underwear sometimes…wait, I always wear my underwears…you should too! (And yes, I said underwears deliberately).

I like to experience the unexpected, and I’ve been feeling a shift of energy lately. It felt natural to make how I look on the outside correspond to how I’m feeling on the inside. The one word I would use to describe what I’m experiencing is…


After walking around in Larchmont Village a few weeks ago, I saw this beautiful blue dress hanging on the rack outside on the street. It was all by its lonesome, waving in the wind begging me to try her on. She was the very last one, and happened to be in my size! Everyone knows, red heads and blue go together! And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE dresses and to shop!

Mind you, my hair was still blonde, and I had only decided that day to dye it red. It seemed like the universe was giving me the nod to go ahead with it already! That could have also been the shopping addiction coming into my brain? We will go with the universe on this one.

I had spoken to my hair color specialist, Amber, about dying my hair for MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS! I was a chicken though!

Changing your look is a huge undertaking! New headshots, new clothes, new makeup, new feelings, new Bitmoji?!?

…What? I know you’re thinking, it’s just hair! What’s the big deal? Why would it matter that much? But for some reason, when people identify you by a certain thing, then you change up that identifying feature and people don’t know who you are anymore, it freaks people out! Usually, it is my dad that is doing the freaking, but sometimes it’s me.

It’s a weird phenomenon how we get used to seeing things a certain way. Not going to lie, leaving the doctor’s office the other day, I almost bumped into someone…I said, “I’m so sorry!” Then, I looked up and saw the person I was apologizing to was none other than myself in the reflection! It’s taken me two weeks to start remembering what I look like! It’s still strange passing by a mirror. Just sayin.

Change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting! Are you looking to add some spice to your life? Maybe a new workout? A different hairdo? A strange vacation destination? Maybe, it’s just taking a step back from it all? I strongly recommend taking the leap in the new and weird direction! It is so freeing and not to mention fun!


By the way, if you liked this dress and wanted to look for it, the brand is Reference. I tried to find it online but had no luck, but I linked some similar versions below!

Thank you for reading!! Until next time!

xoxo Britt

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